Why Faux Paint?

Why faux paint? First of all, faux painting is not difficult. Decorative painting has been made to 'sound' and 'look' difficult. Why else have professional artists been able to charge such wonderful prices to create these mysterious and beautiful effects that you have longed for?

Why faux paint? Sometimes you want more than just a boring solid color on the walls. Faux painting allows you to be creative and give any room a one-of-a-kind design. You can add a dramatic effect or just a subtle one that will give any room the character it needs.

Whether you're thinking about doing some painting yourself or just looking for beautiful faux finish ideas, you are in the right place.

Maybe you have a dining room that needs a new look. After all, the dinner party you have planned is only a few weeks away.

Maybe the bedroom wallpaper is starting to show signs of age. Maybe you're just tired of it. Or maybe it's time for a beautiful decorative painting technique in your master bath that says it's time to unwind.

So why faux paint the bathroom? Faux painting means you don't have to worry about stripping wallpaper ever again. You can get a beautiful design without worrying that it might start peeling and looking old.

Okay, you've decided. It's time to change a room. Whether it's the kitchen, dining, bedroom, or bath you are ready. You know why faux paint effects will transform your room to a fresh, beautiful new look.

Where do you start?

Maybe you've already gone to the paint store and looked at the "plaster in a can" application. If you didn't fully understand the back label, don't feel bad, I don't either and I do this for a living.

You may have even tried the Saturday afternoon class at your local 'big box store'. That helped you practice your desired finish or technique on a two foot square sample. Unfortunately that leaves most people still feeling overwhelmed when looking at their large walls. Much larger than two square feet. Please don't let this discourage you and make you wonder why faux paint effects are what you chose. Instead...

Want to feel excited to start your own decorative faux painting project? No matter how big the room is?

I think that is really the bottom line, the real reason, we love doing decorative faux painting. It is exciting! To create something as beautiful as this is exhilarating. Each one stands alone as an accomplishment. Most of them will never be repeated exactly. And what a feeling. To stand back at the finished product and think WOW! I did that!

You can have that feeling. I want to help you to have that feeling. I want to pass on the knowledge I have gained and help you to experience the joy of creating beautiful faux painted walls in your home or office.

So, look through the pages here. When you find a faux painting technique you like, read about how to do it. I'll even help you choose the tools you will need to accomplish the decorative painting technique.

The bottom line is most people can't always afford the professional faux painter. And even if you can, why should you?

My dad and I will be continually adding to the site and constantly trying to make it better for you.

Just remember, the decorative faux painting techniques we teach are beautiful. They look difficult and expensive. But we make it easy and for only the cost of the tools and materials.

You can't beat that. And you CAN do this! So pick your favorite decorative faux painting technique and let us help you get started.

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