Beautiful Venetian Plaster

This one is a "biggy". Venetian plaster has become very popular and will give any room the "wow" factor.

venetian plaster

This plaster began in Italy as a material used to coat walls. Pigment or color was added to the plaster to give the wall the desired color.

Originally it wasn't polished. It was just left to dry. However, over time, simple everyday living such as a child's hand running over the walls, would "burnish" or effectively polish it. The polish created a richer look.

Well today, we've realized the potential and the beautiful quality of this material.

This photo really shows off the high polish that can be achieved.

venetian plaster polish

The color is still added at the store but the combinations are limitless. With the ability to layer one or more colors on the wall, the richness and depth is hard to match.

To read more on how easy it is to accomplish this technique, click here for the easy, step by step, faux painting book.

These photos really help you see the depth of color that is created.

venetian plaster door

venetian plaster detail

Even though it dries to a flat, dull finish initially, it can be polished or "burnished" to a beautiful, marble like gloss.

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