Tuscan Faux Finishes

Tuscan faux finishes get their name from the rich warm walls of Tuscany.

With the time worn elegance found only in these old European villas, you can imagine the beauty you can bring into your home.

tuscan faux finishes

This effect copies the exterior walls of the old Italian villas. These walls were done in a stucco texture fashion and have simply been worn and weathered over many years. This gives them the character that people love.

The beauty and charm of these old Italian villas can be recreated by you. There are several processes to copy these tuscan faux finishes. It takes a little work, but the payoff and result is absolutely worth it.

To read more on how easy it is to accomplish this technique, click here for the easy, step by step, faux painting book.

This is even a textured faux painting that can cover many types of surfaces.

Are you having trouble removing wallpaper?

I know that can turn into a mess. Well it can be used to cover up that mess. Just make sure you don't put it over any loose wallpaper. That would not last very long.

The most extreme cover up we've done is in some college bathrooms. The bathroom walls were very old marble tile. Needless to say, they were tired of the tile but didn't want the expense of tearing it out.

This is a before picture.

before picture, tuscan texture

Now this tile took a special primer first. That way plaster and paint would stick to it. But after going over it with our tuscan texture effect, they loved it. And if I can say so, it was beautiful.

tuscan faux finish bathroom

tuscan texture faux

Instant face lift!

The texture disguised the tile pattern perfectly.

Here's a detailed close up of the texture.

tuscan faux detail

You can see how once it's painted and then glazed, the glaze gathers in the texture. That way it looks elegantly worn. Just like the villas of Tuscany!

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