Tissue Paper Faux Painting

Tissue paper faux painting is a beautiful way to add texture to walls. It may look complicated but it's easy for anyone to do. Using this effect for a faux texture may sound strange but the unique effect is worth taking a look at.

Unique effects are what faux finishes are all about. The pictures here illustrate the wrinkled look that you can achieve which can be slight or as heavy as you choose.

tissue paper faux finish

The kind of paper to use is ordinary thin tissue paper that you would use to stuff in a gift box or gift bag to "fancy" up a present. It's that thin.

It's this paper that you will glue to the wall and then paint over it.

How do you glue it to the wall?

That's easy. With paint.

That's right, just paint the wall in about two to three foot vertical strips (whatever is the width of the tissue paper you are using). That way the paint will not start to dry before you glue the paper to it.

While the paint is still wet immediately lay a sheet of it on top of the wet paint. Wrinkle it to the desired degree and let it dry. This should be pretty easy since the thin paper will want to wrinkle on its own. Once it's on the wall you'll be able to adjust it how you want it. That is as long as the paint is still wet.

One good tip is that you should make sure the wrinkles lay down and air pockets or bubbles are not left. This could cause tears in the paper later and would leave an ugly spot on the wall.

tissue paper faux finish

Here again you see the typical size of the wrinkles in the paper. They are subtle and still add interest and texture to your walls.

To make sure there are no voids or missed spots you can, very slightly, overlap each piece (as little as possible). You won't have to worry about the slight overlap of the paper. It is so thin that the layers of paint and glaze you put on top will make the overlap virtually go away.

Now just keep doing this around the room until the entire room is covered.

After the walls are covered and have dried thoroughly, you can now paint the wall solid with your base color.

After that dries you may proceed with any style of glazing you wish.

One we recommend is a light color wash that simply gathers at the wrinkles in the paper.

tissue paper effect

Like this picture, you could even randomly put a stenciled shape on your wall to create more interest. The creative choices are only limited by our imagination.

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