Ragging Faux Finish

Ragging goes back to the very beginning of faux painting. This page will give you some tips to help it be a very beautiful and very cost effective way to enhance your walls.

Another nice thing about this effect is that it can give you a bold look, or a very soft look. It all depends on your tools and how you use them.

The first method I would like to mention is using just your hands to apply the cloth or towel. As with any method where you hold material or paint in your hands, I highly recommend wearing disposable gloves. Especially with this particular faux painting. It can get very messy. So with disposable gloves you can quickly remove them for clean hands.

As a suggestion for the cloth or towel you use, pick a size that you feel comfortable using. If you pick one that's too big or long it might be hard to manage and it could make your pattern a little too messy looking.

One way you can use the rag is by blotting or patting the wall...

ragging faux

This photo shows how you can just bunch up the cloth, dip it in your glaze, and pat the wall with it. It does give a nice effect.

You can also roll it down the wall with your hands...

ragging hand rolling

This too gives a nice effect.

Another suggestion is a small terry cloth towel. Some people really like the extra texture that the terry cloth gives. Again make sure you can manage the size well.

ragging painting

You can see in this sample the nice effect you can get using glaze and rags.

The second method I would like to mention is a similar idea using a roller instead. This roller was designed because of this effect. The actual roller cover looks like it's been loosely wrapped with cloth.

ragging roller cover

With this method you simply dip your roller into your glaze and roll the walls. You want to avoid rolling with too much pressure and avoid leaving your roller pattern.

Pressing too hard on the roller will cause lines, the lights and darks of your rolling pattern. That's what you want to avoid. Just try to get a light, even coat. That way your end result will be uniform and beautiful.

ragging faux finish

The roller does give a softer more subtle look.

I hope these suggestions help you achieve an old school, yet classic faux painting technique.

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