Blue Painters Tape

Blue painters tape is one supply that you will need in almost every faux painting technique. Why is that? What's so special about this tape?

The reason this tape is so wonderful is that it is designed to stick and then easily release. That means it doesn't stick too much and pull off good paint.

Have you ever used regular masking tape and then tried to remove it after some time? Did you discover that it was really, really stuck to the surface? Or did it come off okay but also took some paint or even sheetrock with it?

"Blue tape" is designed to stick to your painted surfaces throughout the life of your project and then release without damage to your ceiling, trim or walls.

blue painters tape

There is one grade of this tape that we recommend for various techniques. It is the delicate surface, easy release grade. This one can be used to protect trim, corners, furniture, and even make lines for techniques like striping.

The edge of this tape is very precise and will help prevent paint or glaze from bleeding under the edge. (Hint: after setting the tape, gently rub the edge of it with the round bottom side of a spoon. This will set the edge even tighter.)

We recommend either 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch width for most projects. It isn't necessary to use the highest grade like the "delicate surface" one if you are only taping off trim. But it doesn't hurt.

When you are finished, the tape should pull off without damaging the surface that you applied it to. Granted you didn't leave it there too long. If you pull it off after you're finished, you should be fine.

There are impostors out there. I generally stick with the company 3M. Their product has been wonderful for me and I think you'll love it.

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