Paint Protection For Your Beautiful Walls

Paint protection is very important when it comes to faux painting. When you've taken the time to transform your walls with color and depth, you no doubt want to protect it. That way the beauty will last.

Although the techniques can be easy to achieve, repairing a damaged spot may be frustrating especially when you spent time getting it perfect.

Just as important as paint protection is protecting your surroundings from your project. Faux painting is sometimes messy and the surrounding surfaces can be easily affected unless you protect them. You may already know this, but cleaning paint sprinkles off the floor is never fun and should be avoided at all costs.

When it comes to protecting your walls using a clear coat as a final layer may be a life saver. There are a couple of tips to consider when deciding on a clear coat:

• What level of sheen should you use?

• Should you use oil base or a water base clear coat?

For some tips on choosing the best clear coat, check out our clear coat page.

When it comes to protecting your surroundings there are a couple of things to consider also:

• Do you have trim such as crown molding, chair rail, or base boards to protect?

• Do you need to protect your carpet or wood floors?

• Do you have furniture, in the room your working, that needs protection?

If you have trim such as crown molding at the ceiling or window trim that needs protecting, then you could certainly use painters tape to protect it. If you would like to know which tape to choose, then click on our painters tape page.

If you have carpet, wood, or other flooring that you would like to protect from paint spills or drops, then there are a variety of options to cover and protect it. If you would like some suggestions for covering your floor, check out our floor protection page.

When it comes to protecting your walls and protecting your surroundings while painting, these will be invaluable for making any job a success. It will also keep your hard work worry free and beautiful.

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