My Little Bathroom

by Donna

I have this small hallway bathroom that needed some character. So I decided to give it a textured finish topped with an antique glaze.

But I had this picture that I wanted to try and match the colors.

So the first thing I did was apply the texture with a six inch blade. I used fast drying drywall mud for the texture. I had to hurry and even had to mix up new batches about every twenty minutes. But this seems to dry harder than regular mud. So it was worth the extra effort.

Next I painted the background the color of the background of the picture. But when I put the darker antique glaze on top of the finished paint, it didn't look like I wanted it to. So I picked up an idea from your site and decided to add crackle to the project.

I repainted the whole room with the darker glaze color and then coated it with crackle medium. When that was dry I went over the top with my lighter base color.

Next, I tried to wash over the whole thing with a very light mixture of the antique color to help the texture show up. That worked great. Now I had not only the texture but also the crackle. This room was looking really old and dramatic.

Then I got an idea to make my new shower curtain blend with the room. I found this little bottle of metallic glaze in the paint store. The name of the color is 'Warm Silver'. I thinned the glaze down with water and washed over the room with this mixture. I put it on with a brush and almost wiped it off with a damp rag, but it was just enough to bring the color around to where it needed to be.

Now I love my bathroom. It took a lot of coats and much trial and error, but I think it turned out great!

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