Metallic Faux Painting

Metallic faux painting is sometimes underrated and overlooked. Maybe because some are worried it will be too shiny or just too much. However, some pictures may change your mind.

This first picture here is of a bathroom that was done with two shades of gold stripes. Let me tell you this bathroom is very elegant. It's romantic even, giving the room an instant candle lit feel.

gold faux stripe

Gilding is also this type of effect that we talk about on our gilding page. You can purchase various shades of gold, silver, bronze, and copper leaf for gilding. This can be left with the natural shine of this leaf or can be glazed over to make it more subtle or aged. Check out our gilding page for more info.

Choosing a bronze glaze, we have also washed over the walls. This gives you a beautiful double effect. One, with the antiqued wash. And second, it gives a subtle shimmer with the glaze on top. While the subtle shimmer doesn't exactly show through in these photos, it is a beautiful effect when you're in the room.

texture faux paint stairwell

Finally as shown on our sponging page , simply sponging a gold, silver, or even a bronze glaze can create an elegant look as shown in this dining room.

sponging metallic glaze

If you've overlooked this effect in faux painting in the past, it may be time to take a second look. It could be the perfect effect you need.

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