Harlequin Faux Painting

Harlequin faux painting is another unique pattern that can transform a room. Preparing to outline this pattern on the wall can seem intimidating. Don't worry though, these simple tips will help you get it perfect.

This look is used a lot for kids rooms and bathrooms, but can really be used anywhere you like. It could even be a lively and classic look for a dining room.

This photo shows how a bathroom can be transformed by using a harlequin pattern.

harlequin faux painting

Not only was this pattern used in this bathroom, another technique was used as well. If you look close at this detail photo, you'll see the edges of the diamond pattern are outlined with gold and silver leaf.

Little circles you see at the points of the diamonds are gold and silver leaf also. A beautiful extra touch!

harlequin paint bathroom

If you would like to know a little more about gold leaf see click here on our gilding page.

A similar principle in striping is used in lining off a harlequin plaid. A little more geometry is involved. The lining and tape will be done diagonally instead of vertically, but the principles are the same. Again, make even marks around the top of the wall.

How far apart the marks are will depend on how big you want the diamond shapes to be. If you make the marks 12 inches apart the diamond shapes are going to be 12 inches wide and 18 inches high. So if you want the pattern to be larger your marks at the top of the wall should be farther apart. If you want smaller pattern then the marks should be closer. You get the picture.

Make the corresponding marks at the bottom of the wall.

Now the trick to creating the pattern is to stretch your blue tape from the first mark at the top to the fourth mark at the bottom. Then from the second mark at the top to the fifth mark at the bottom. And so forth all around the room.

Now go back and stretch blue tape the other direction, from the first mark at the bottom to the fourth mark at the top and so on. You will see the pattern develop as you line off the room. Then paint inside the diamond shapes with your alternate color using the blue tape to define the edges.

Once you remove the tape you'll see your diamond pattern and your new beautiful effect!

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