Floor Protection

Floor protection is critical when you are faux painting. The techniques are beautiful but the process can be messy. You may be crafting a finish that involves using a large sea sponge or a crumpled up plastic bag. And unknowingly, you could be sprinkling the floor with paint.

Well you don't have to worry. There's a simple solution. Before you begin you can simply cover it up. How? I highly recommend using drop cloths.

There are a couple different drop cloths that I recommend. One is the canvas drop cloth.

canvas drop cloth

The canvas drop cloth is great for your floors. You can buy it in different sizes and different weights.

A helpful hint is that most weights and thicknesses will protect your floor so you don't have to go the expensive route.

Another helpful tip is that you don't have to buy a size that covers your entire floor, such as a 10 by 20 foot drop. You can't work on all walls at once, right? What I always do is buy something close to a 3 by 9 foot drop. This is sometimes called a "runner". That way it's against the wall and under me as I'm working and it's size makes it easy to move around with me.

And best of all this smaller size is less expensive.

Now what about the furniture? You definitely want to protect it too, right? For this I highly recommend a roll of plastic sheeting.

plastic drop cloth

When it comes to plastic drop cloths to cover your furniture, you can get the thinnest possible. This makes it a very inexpensive option.

It also makes them very light and easy to move around while still protecting your furniture from those runaway paint sprinkles.

Some even choose to use plastic on the floor. This is ok too but I might suggest to go a little thicker plastic on the floor to prevent tearing. You will be walking on it. These can still be inexpensive enough to use once and simply throw them away.

So make sure you cover up those floors and protect your furniture to keep this experience fun and frustration free.

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