Faux Wood Finish

The faux wood finish technique, in my opinion, is one of the best illusions that you can create with paint. Would you like to turn an average piece of painted trim into an expensive looking piece of stained wood?

Well you can. You can turn a simple painted piece of trim, such as a window or door frame, to the look of expensive stained wood.

This is all done with only paint and glaze.

faux wood grain finish door

The type of wood and stained finish is up to you. Whether it's a light wood with little wood grain or dark with heavy wood grain, it can all be done with paint and glaze.

First a primer...

faux wood grain primer

Then your top coat glazes to create a faux wood finish...

faux wood grain finish

When done right you won't even be able to tell that it's all paint. It will look like expensive, stained wood.

To read more on how easy it is to accomplish this technique, click here for the easy, step by step, faux painting book.

The faux wood grain finish is perhaps the most fun of all the projects that we do. You can also apply this technique to other things as well.

Here's a couple of examples of items that I have made to look like wood that were not wood to begin with.

The first is some wall art. A designer had these three dimensional wall hangings that were sort of antiqued and almost looked like stone. The items were actually made of polystyrene. Polystyrene is just a light weight material that is very easy to hang on a wall and is why it is sometimes used to mimic stone.

wall ornament

wall ornaments

She wanted these to look like wood.

First we primed them with a base coat that started us off with a burnt orange. On top of that we added a cherry glaze that gave us the heavier lines to simulate woodgrain. But unfortunately this color was a bit orange to match the wood color that the designer wanted. So having to improvise and change the color somewhat, I decided to use as my varnish coat, a red mahogany glaze. The redness of the mahogany finish changed the orange cherry color just enough. That brought it around to the color she wanted.

wood grain wall art

wood grain finish

This just proves that sometimes there is a bit of trial and error to this kind of work. Don't be afraid to experiment. This technique can instantly add elegance to any room!

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