Faux Painting Crackle

Faux painting crackle can give you the perfect aged look. It can give a subtle effect, like in the old masters paintings.

It can also give a beautiful dramatic look, like a worn french country wall.

This painting technique is also fun. This is because most of the neat effect is done for you by the materials you use.

Usually by using a darker color underneath, the cracks show through the lighter top coat.

To read more on how easy it is to accomplish this technique, click here for the easy, step by step, faux painting book.

faux painting crackle

In this photo you can see the subtle effect. It really gives you that beautifully aged look. Just like the paint has been there for a hundred years and is starting to crack.There are many types of this material to use. Some you even apply at the very end. And then use a furniture polish to rub into the cracks. This is a specialty product that is expensive. Unless you are doing a smaller piece of furniture, the medium you apply last is probably not what you want.

The material I recommend can be found at most common paint stores. There are several different brands but they work pretty much the same.

This effect always gets the WOW! factor. And again with the blended top coat, you can see the dramatic effect of a faux crackle finish.

faux crackling

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