Faux Painting Color Ideas

Here you'll find some helpful suggestions on faux painting color choices. This is of course your decision. But there are recommendations that you might appreciate when going for that perfect 'look'.

Earth Tones

For example: The tuscan texture relief , which is achieved by plaster texture and coats of paint and glaze, is designed to copy the old walls that you might find on a building in Italy. These would be walls that have become pitted and stained over decades or centuries of time.

Therefore a light blue or green might be pretty, (and we have done that, and it was pretty) but it would not be the best choice if you wanted to reproduce that old world effect.

More appropriate colors for reproducing that old world charm would be earth tones. The tans, taupe, browns, or burnt oranges produce a truly weathered and antique look.

The same faux painting color ideas could be said for venetian plaster. Venetian plasters are beautiful in any color but I have to say the best looking are the earth tones. They create a natural beauty that transcends paint.

For a leather effect, well any color you like leather in would certainly be the choice you would go with here. Again, not to sound too repetitive, but most beautiful leather is in those earth tones.

Marbling is an effect that can be done in the earth tones as well as some cooler colors. Green marble as well as just the white and gray marble are both very elegant and beautiful.

Cool Colors

If you want faux painting color ideas that lean more towards the cooler color spectrum, then I might suggest a color blending effect. This can can be a very beautiful and soft look in any color. I would even suggest a cooler color for this technique. Color washing is often done in cooler colors because of the subtle nature of this effect. Pale blues washed together or light greens washed together really look beautiful and elegant as an faux finish.

One of the best rag rolling jobs I ever did was in a light lavender color. And I wasn't even excited about the color. When it was done, I have to admit that not only was the client impressed, but so was I.

I hope these few suggestions help get you started. Remember though, rules can be broken and what you like is what really matters.

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