Painting Faux Brick

Faux brick painting can add character to any room. It can add the perfect accent and beautiful finishing touch.

Brick varies in color and many colors can be found in the same brick at times. So the first step really, is choosing the exact brick you would like to copy.

Next you can either use paint cards to match your brick colors (if you feel comfortable doing that) or it may be worth it to take the actual brick sample to the paint store and let them match it exactly. This may be much easier and may ensure your new look is perfect.

The best way to start is by painting a base coat that will be your brick mortar color. That's the lines between the bricks. Next you will tape off your brick pattern. Using 3/4 inch blue tape, you'll line off what will end up being your mortar lines.

faux brick tape

After you've taped off the wall, you can paint the main color of your brick over the wall and the taped mortar lines. Usually if your brick sample is primarily red, this is the color you'll paint solid first.

faux brick red

Next, if you are using other colors to create more realism, you can mix your other colors individually in glaze.

I have found that a sponge is the best tool to apply the additional colors. A tip for applying additional colors is that I try to build up the colors from the most to the least.

sponge faux brick

For example, if the brick is mainly red, that is the solid base. If you see more black or brown as the next primary color, that should go on next using the sponge to allow plenty of red to show through. Then let's say you notice a little white or yellow. Then just apply a little of this glaze with your sponge just as a highlight.

The extra colors will be in glaze so will be a little transparent or see through. This will help your brick look more realistic and your wall look impressive.

faux brick shading

Next you can paint a light glaze in the grout lines so as to make them look more realistic.

faux brick

It may sound tricky but it really is not.

You may not want to paint an entire wall brick. You may just want some brick accents. Here is a look that copies brick showing through broken plaster.

faux brick arch

faux brick detail

To achieve this look, you would paint the small sections of faux brick the same way and then use the tuscan texture effect around it. Then it looks as though you have broken plaster with exposed brick. A very beautiful effect that you can do.

Remember to take your time and allow each layer to completely dry before starting another one.

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