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ebook venetian plaster

Discover every trick of the trade and every secret acquired over decades of experience applying faux-finishes and decorative painting. This faux-painting how-to book provides all the information you need to get professional results!

Hi, I'm Brad Cook and along with my dad, Dave, I've spent years beautifying peoples homes with faux-finishes. This treasure of hard-won experience has been assembled in a new downloadable E-book that you can own - making a tremendous difference in your success beautifying your own home, or in your new faux-finish career. You can feel confident accomplishing the look you - or your client - desire.

Each of the six downloadable DIY E-books highlights a different faux-finish technique. Download this ebook and you will soon be applying the most beautiful wall finishes in the world...

• Venetian Plaster

ebook venetian plaster

Our step-by-step instruction for Venetian Plaster supplies every detail you will need to apply, layer, color, and burnish Venetian plaster.

Anyone who has tried Venetian Plaster knows that it is very labor intensive.

A professionally applied Venetian Plaster project can cost as much as twelve dollars per square foot – plus materials. Our step-by-step instruction for Venetian Plaster, will show you how to accomplish this complex process without breaking your back or your wallet. You can do it for just the cost of the materials and tools. The next time you hear "twelve dollars per square foot," you might be charging it – not paying it!

• Tuscan Relief Texture

ebook tuscan texture

Do you want that Old World look in your kitchen or living room? How do you apply the texture and get just the right amount on the wall? …without applying too much, causing chipping, or too little, resulting in a virtually invisible finish?

Our step-by-step instruction for Tuscan Relief Texture teaches you how to apply and glaze the finish to re-create the Old-World weathered texture that is – once again – the latest thing. Don't experiment! Our decades of experience are here for you.

• Faux Crackle

ebook faux crackle

Ever tried faux-crackle? On a chair or a table? Seems easy enough. But, a wall? The technique on such a large surface is entirely different!

Don't try it without our step-by-step instruction for Faux Crackle!

The problem with large areas is the difficulty you experience achieving a uniform finish without runs, sags or "pulled" areas, where gravity has stretched the wet surface and ruined the finish. Oh, and just in case that's not scary enough, you must then blend two colors over the whole wall on top of the crackle medium using a process that's consistent, but does not spoil the effect.

You can do it. It doesn't even have to be difficult. You just have to follow the simple steps we've written!

Using the very same techniques outlined in the book, The Cook Team has applied faux-crackle to thousands of square feet of wall in a single room with spectacular results! Now, anyone can create this lovely finish.

• Color Blending

ebook color blending

Color Blending is simply gorgeous. Regardless of what you've observed in the past, or what you think you know about color-blending faux-finish, the technique in this book is unique and proven. You've never seen this before.

Where most fail? Preparing the paint so that the edges stay wet and workable, giving you time to employ the brush stroke that we'll teach you and that guarantees success.

• Leather Finish

ebook leather finish

Our step-by-step instruction for Leather Faux Finish teaches you how to apply one of the most popular faux-finishes called for by modern decorators. The leather-like finish is very easy to produce and is probably the one The Cook Team has employed most in our professional applications.

The beauty of this faux-finish is that you can be subtle or bold depending on color choice. This DIY E-book provides you with all the options, from the color-choice stage to the final presentation.

I'll teach you exactly how to mix your color to create the ideal glaze coat and suggest "tools" that even most professionals have never thought of.

• Wood Graining

ebook wood graining

Ever considered taking a plain metal door, painted wood trim or even inexpensive composite kitchen cabinets and transforming them by giving them the rich appearance of finished wood? The result of a skillfully applied wood-grain is one of the most fascinating and satisfying of all faux-finishes.

That's why it is one of my very favorites.

Wood graining is an art and I'll teach you all the basics, leaving nothing out. All the tools and every step from start to finish are included. The detailed photographs alone could teach this simplified process.

There are many types of wood grain and many ways to produce the effect, but no technique and no DIY manual ever offered is as simple and easy to follow as this one. I have even eliminated the requirement for some of the expensive tools that others recommend. By downloading Decorative Faux Painting: Painting Techniques, you could realize savings on your very first project several times greater than the cost of the book!

Are you a beginner, wanting to reproduce a beautiful faux finish in your own home?


a professional looking for a new technique to add to your knowledge and expertise?


a budding entrepreneur aching to start a small business?

...then these books are for you!

An artist working in expensive homes in Orlando, FL wrote this:

I have been a full-time artist/muralist for many years, and at times my projects include creating a faux-finish that will complement a large mural; ie. authentic looking weathered plaster walls to frame a 'post-renaissance' period fresco. Capturing a convincing looking ancient wall often proves to be a larger challenge than painting the mural itself. To that end I have amassed an impressive collection of 'faux-finish' books. I bought them because they have very impressive pictures of completed, furnished rooms; disappointingly however, the finishes pictured proved virtually impossible to recreate. Apparently they're written for persons with far more experience in painted finishes than I have.

I've read no other "faux" book so detailed and yet so easy to follow. The author goes beyond listing the 'steps' to achieve a certain finish and explains 'why' specific materials are necessary or an application must be performed a certain way. It's the closest thing to having a real-life instructor in the room with you! The clear, logical explanations coupled with the video clips make it possible for a beginner to achieve the more technically advanced finishes everyone admires. I think I'm ready to tackle the dining room!

Joel Cook, professional artist

Twin Palms Studio

Orlando, Fl

An Interior Designer in Asheville, NC had this to say:

Since owning Accent On Interiors, in Asheville, NC, for 14 years, and specializing in Residential Homes and Bed & Breakfast Inns, I have incorporated, many different types of Faux Finishes into the homes and spaces I've been privileged to work in over the years. I can't say enough about how using faux finishes enhances the character of your space. It makes a house feel like a home and if used properly gives each home a warm, inviting & special feeling.

That's why I was so excited to read this book from Each finish was described in a way that even the novice could give it a try and turn out a successful product. They even show you the tools you will need to work with. The quality of this book was superb and I was so impressed to see even finishes like Venetian Plaster, and Wood Graining explained so simply. I would encourage anyone who would like to add the beauty, charm and character of a faux finish to their home, to download this book and give it a try!

So go ahead and pick out your colors, stay with a subtle color palette to begin with, make a sample board first, and have patience while you get the hang of it! You'll see what a difference it can make in your home! Much success to you!!

Sheila Wallace

Accent On Interiors

Asheville, NC

What qualifies us to teach you these techniques?

That's easy, we do this for a living. We've spent many years learning what works best. As a father and son team, we have worked together for the last eighteen years and have developed the style of faux finishing you have seen illustrated in our website.

If you have read other pages in our site, you already appreciate the simple straight forward approach to faux painting how-to instruction.

The process presented in this faux-painting DIY E-book is unsurpassed in simplicity. We take beautiful finishes that may seem difficult, even overwhelming, and break them down into steps that are simple and easy to follow.

We want you to be successful and your first project to be just as beautiful as our last.

We are offering all six techniques

...for just $9.97

This book is loaded with proven methods, tips on tools, and years of experience that you won't find anywhere else!

Plus you get the free bonus of watching video clips that demonstrate each step.

You can access "Decorative Faux Painting: Painting Techniques for only $9.97 - that's less than the price you would pay for just one brush

We want to help you save on tools by showing you inexpensive alternatives or how to accomplish a look with basic and common paint tools.

When it's this easy to do it yourself, why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars hiring a professional? Enjoy not only saving money, but the satisfaction of being creative yourself.

Buy Now

We have a great product! Over a hundred pages of professional instruction all at an extremely affordable price. Save money now and let us help you save time and money when making your home beautiful! Now you don't have to put off redecorating any longer.

Immediately after your purchase you can download your faux painting how to ebook (PDF file) and start learning these easy techniques and tips within minutes.

This is a downloadable PDF file. If you have trouble downloading it or don't have Adobe Reader software, you can easily install it for free.

This eBook comes with a No-Questions-Asked Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with the eBook, just email me within 8 weeks of your date of purchase - and I'll issue your 100% refund immediately.

Your eBook purchase is 100% safe and secure - and 100% risk-free.

Decorative Faux Painting: Painting Techniques


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I wish you every joy and success in all your beautiful rooms and homes!

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