Color Blending

Color Blending is a beautiful technique that is not only easy, but is very cost effective. That's because you only need a minimum of tools. This effect uses two colors applied at the same time to achieve a soft cloud like finish.

This effect is perfect when you want a subtle look that really adds depth to your walls.

Usually the two colors are similar, or close to each other on the color palette.

Two shades of the same color will give the softest blend and thus a really nice subtle effect.

To read more on how easy it is to accomplish this technique, click here for the easy, step by step, faux painting book.

Here's a picture of walls in a restaurant that create depth and a beautiful environment...

color blending

I've also been able to do a three color effect that involved two shades of one color and a complimentary third color. It was on the ceiling of a dining room. You can imagine the beautiful, dramatic effect at dinner parties.

There are many tips to achieving this effect. However the main idea is using a brush to blend random shapes across the entire wall. Since you are only using one brush for this, you can see how cost effective and how easy it is to beautify your walls with this technique.

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