Choose Your Color From Your Model

by David

Travertine Columns Copy Color of Fireplace

Travertine Columns Copy Color of Fireplace

Often when choosing a color for a faux finish, the obvious choice is in the sample you are copying.

To illustrate, let's say that you are trying to marbleize a column or a table top. The easiest way to get the right color is to find a piece of marble to copy.

Once you have the actual piece of marble then you can take out your color deck from the paint store and begin to match up the various colors in the marble with color chips in the deck.

The same would be true of any type of stone faux finish. In fact the column that I included as an example is a simulated travertine. You will notice that the mantle and hearth in the background is real travertine. The artist here started by walking over to the fireplace and with his color deck picked three colors that he saw in the real stone. These were the ones that he used to color blend and accent on the column.

This is not always as easy to do as it sounds. If you need help do what I do and take the sample (if possible) to the paint store and let their best color guy help you. Together you'll get it right.

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