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Let's get creative!

Decorative Painting Book

This decorative painting book will help you discover every trick of the trade and secret I've learned from years of experience doing faux finishes

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Why faux paint

Why faux paint is a good question and here's why you should give it a good look...

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Tuscan Faux Finishes

Tuscan faux finishes get their name from the rich warm walls of Tuscany. With the time worn elegance found only in these old italian villas, you can imagine the beauty you can bring into your home.

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Faux Wood Finish

The faux wood finish technique, in my opinion, is one of the best illusions that you can create with paint. Here's some tips to help you...

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Faux Painting Crackle

Faux painting crackle gives you the perfect aged look. Here's some photos to help you see...

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