Want to learn how to do YOUR favorite decorative faux painting technique?

Welcome to decorative-faux-painting.com! Whether your interest in decorative faux painting is in techniques such as venetian plaster, or Tuscan texture relief, you are in the right place.

You may want to learn other decorative faux painting techniques such as crackle or wood graining. Well we do it all and are eager to teach you the basics to get started. We'll also give you tricks of the trade that will make seemingly difficult techniques easy to achieve.

Are you tired of the same old paint colors?

Add a vibrant new look with Decorative Faux Painting.

Transform and beautify any room by applying your favorite painting technique.

Make your walls look like leather.

Turn plain doors, cabinets, or trim into beautiful wood grain.

You can do these effects and much much more with our help!!

DO NOT pay for expensive faux finish treatments from the professional.

Let us teach you how to do it yourself with the same beautiful results.

We not only describe to you in great detail the processes involved but we also show you with video clips.

And there is much much more!

Learn other techniques, such as ragging, sponging, antiqueing, guilding, stenciling

Learn how to apply these techniques to walls, ceilings, furniture.

We've left nothing out.

Learn how to prep for your project and protect your project when it is finished

Do you have bad walls, ugly wallpaper, we help you fix all that.

Want help with choosing colors? It's in here.

Don't know what tools you need? It's in here.

Don't know what kind of paint or primer you need? It's in here.

We've left nothing out.

We've made it so much easier to have the lovely home you deserve.

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This decorative painting book will help you discover every trick of the trade and secret I've learned from years of experience doing faux finishes
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